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Arachnid Descent

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2006


Feeling mischievous? Rig up rubber spiders to rise and fall before trick-or-treaters as you open the door.


  • Screw eyes

  • Three 10-foot lengths of monofilament (5- to 10- pound weight)

  • Needle

  • Plastic spiders


  1. Attach 3 screw eyes to the top of your door's outer frame, spacing them a few inches apart.

  2. Attach a fourth screw eye (a removable adhesive plastic hook will also work) to the ceiling above the door frame; it should be about 3 feet from the door and in line with the hinges.

  3. Cut three 10-foot lengths of monofilament (5- to 10- pound weight).

  4. Using a needle, attach a spider to one end of each strand. Run opposite end through a screw eye in the door frame.

  5. Gather all three lengths, and thread them through ceiling hook.

  6. With the door almost closed, adjust the monofilament, so the spiders rest at different heights above kids' heads.

  7. Tie the monofilament to doorknob.

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