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Pom-pom Inchworm

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Most inchworms don't have fur, but Martha and her young friends Kelly and Michael McIntosh make these furry specimens out of brightly colored pom-poms, in hues you won't find in your backyard. Seed beads form the eyes and chenille stems create antennae for the fanciful creatures; ice-pop-stick handles help small hands "inch" them along.


  • 10 Puff Beadz

  • 8-inch-long styrene rod

  • Drill

  • 2 ice-pop sticks

  • Fabric glue

  • Chenille stem, or pipe cleaner

  • 2 seed beads


  1. String 8 Puff Beadz onto the styrene rod.

  2. Using a 1/16-inch drill bit, drill a hole near one end of each ice pop stick; slide a stick onto each end of the styrene rod.

  3. To make the head and tail, slide another Puff Beadz onto each end of the rod; secure with dabs of glue.

  4. Cut a 4-inch length of pipe cleaner for the inchworm's antennae. Wrap the pipe cleaner once around the inchworm's neck, between the head and the first pom-pom of the body. Twist pipe cleaner to secure; shape into antennae.

  5. Make the eyes: Dab a bit of glue on each seed bead, and attach the beads to the inchworm's head. Work quickly so that the glue doesn't dry before you've attached the eyes.

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