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Snappy Tees

These adorable snappy tees are fun to make and fun to wear!

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, September 2008


Resouces: The tees used in this craft are from American Apparel. Sewing machines available at Singer Confidence. Canvas tote bags can be found at All other materials available at craft or sewing supply stores.


  • Scraps of cardboard (cereal boxes work very well)

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Scraps of felt

  • Fine-point permanent marker

  • Dritz sew-on snaps, size 4

  • Embroidery floss in coordinating colors

  • Black seed beads, if necessary (see template)

  • Black thread, if necessary (see template)

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

  • Children's T-shirt

  • Pins

  • Small (1 inch or so) square of soft woven cotton canvas


  1. Print the templates for the snaps, and use a glue stick to glue them onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out the templates.

  2. Place each template piece onto the coordinating color in felt and trace around it with a permanent marker.

  3. Cut out the felt pieces, staying inside the marker lines.

  4. Using 6 strands of coordinating embroidery floss in your needle (double over three strands and knot the base), sew the "male" half of the snap onto the back felt piece (this is the largest felt piece or one of the two identical largest pieces from the template). Go through each hole in the snap twice for extra security.

  5. Stitch any embellishments onto the felt pieces, as shown in the template.

  6. Use a hot-glue gun to assemble the felt pieces, in the order shown in the template. Let cool. If the pieces don't match up perfectly once assembled, snip away any excess felt with a pair of sewing scissors.

  7. Find the center of the T-shirt by folding it in half and pinning a point about 2.5 inches below the neckline. Mark this point with a pin.

  8. Put the inverted ("female") side of the snap on the mark. Add a small piece of soft cotton canvas behind the snap on the inside of the T-shirt for extra stability.

  9. Use 6 strands of coordinating embroidery floss in your needle (double over three strands and knot the base) and stitch the snap in place. Stitch around the snap twice so each opening is secured with 12 threads.

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