Serve this versatile white wine before, during, or after dinner. Its delicate taste and affordable price are just two of its winning qualities.

Where Does It Come From?

A native of Germany, this hardy, adaptable grape is also cultivated in France, Austria, Italy, and Australia, as well as in the main wine-growing regions of the United States.

How Does It Taste?

Depending on their origin and time of harvest, Rieslings vary from dry to very sweet, but are prized for being well-balanced, not cloying. Their subtle flavor of honey and fruit (particularly apricots and peaches) is complemented with a little spice.

What Foods Does It Go With?

Rieslings pair well with light fare such as steamed salmon; but try it with spicy foods, too. Late-harvest wines (the sweetest) are good with dessert.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can find Rieslings in a range of styles for under $15.


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