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Quilled Valentines and Cards

Photography: Gentl and Hyers

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2002


Replete with curls, scrolls, coils, folds, and rolls, these ornate quilled valentines are perfect ways to express your love.

Before you start, learn how to make quilled shapes for each of the cards below.

These open hearts begin as single strips of paper; crease them at the center and then roll inward from each end. Glue several to a card, and write candy-heart sentiments beneath them. Or slip one to a secret admirer and let it speak for itself.

Classic valentine messages never go out of style. You can shape individual strips of paper, curling the ends as you would a ribbon, to form letters that resemble calligraphy. Use carefully placed dabs of craft glue to hold each letter in place on a card.

Set your valentine's heart aflutter with an elaborate floral card. Create a trio of fringed flowers, such as daisies or zinnias, and glue them to folded card stock. Use an opaque pen to add a message in your own script. 

Embellish handwritten poems, messages, and family photographs with intricate combinations of quilled shapes. The scroll, the marquise, the tight circle, and the teardrop are all easy to master; quill the shapes first, and then combine them to create borders. Or draw a border design and curl strips of paper to match.


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