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Spider Costume

Aaron Caramanis (pictured), an in-house crafter for "The Martha Stewart Show," created this homemade spider costume, an easy Halloween idea for a child or adult. For a brighter alternative, try our octopus costume variation.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2009


Resources: The Singer Simple 23-Stitch Sewing Machine 2263 is available at Other tools and materials available at crafts stores.


  • Fabric pencil or chalk

  • 2 1/2 yards black velveteen fabric

    *Yardage given is for a child's costume. More fabric may be required for adult costume; measure enlarged pattern and lengthened tentacles before purchasing fabric.

  • 2 packages white iron-on patches

  • 2 packages black or red iron-on patches

  • White felt

  • Scissors

  • Straight pins

  • Sewing machine

  • Coordinating thread

  • Polyester stuffing

  • Chopsticks

  • 2 yards black double-fold extra-wide bias tape ribbon

  • Needle and thread for basting


  1. Print spider costume pattern, enlarging to desired size. Trace and cut pieces from fabric as instructed in the pattern. Be sure to place the pattern for the back piece on folded fabric, lining up one edge with the fold, as indicated.

  2. Put pupils in place on whites of eyes. Iron each eye onto the right sides of the outer hood (head) pieces, four to a side.

  3. Pin together two sides of the outer hood (head), right sides facing, and sew along outer edge with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Clip into seam allowance with sharp scissors all around the curves, being careful not to cut into the seam. Turn outer hood right side out and press seam open.

  4. Repeat step 3 with the inner hood pieces. Pin raw edges of inner hood to raw edges of outer hood, right sides facing, and sew with a 1/4-inch seam allowance along hood edges, leaving the bottom (neckline) open. Turn right side out and press, then edge-stitch along seam with a decorative stitch

  5. The cape portion of the costume is made from three pieces sewn together along the shoulder seams. Unfold one back piece. Pin the straight edge of each of two front pieces to each straight edge on the back piece. Sew along these edges with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Press seams. Repeat with the remaining front and back pieces.

  6. Place the sewn cape pieces on top of each other, right sides facing. Sew along edges and around spider legs with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, leaving neck open. Turn right side out and press.

  7. Stuff the head and cape pieces with polyester stuffing, using chopsticks to push stuffing down into the spider legs.

  8. Pin and baste the raw edges of the hood neckline and body (cape) neckline together on what will be the inside of the costume. Center length of bias tape along neckline, fold open end of tape over raw edges, and baste in place. Beginning at one end of bias tape, machine-sew open end together along edge, continuing along neckline and through to other end of bias tape. Remove basting stitches.

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