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Shimmering Holiday Makeup

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 3048

A little shimmer enhances bone structure and warms the face when it catches the light. Shimmer doesn't replace makeup; rather it should be the final step in your beauty routine, layered on top of your classic makeup application.

Be mindful of the lighting when you are applying makeup. Many people have fluorescent lights, which are not good for makeup application. It's best to have lights on a dimmer. If you're applying makeup for an evening party, for instance, you want the light to simulate the lighting at the event. And be sure to use one makeup brush for your face, and another one for your body.

Always apply shimmer sparingly; you can always add more. But if you apply too much, simply take a bare brush and brush it off the skin. Or, you can take a dry sponge and gently rub off the excess. Too much shimmer will catch a lot of light and make the skin look waxy or oily.

Evening Shimmer Makeup How-To
1. Add liquid shimmer to your foundation and apply all over skin.

2. Place a dot of shimmer in the middle of your eye lid.

3. Apply a rosy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks; smile to locate the apples.

4. Apply shimmer to the top of your cheekbones; grin to find the exact area.

5. Apply a shimmer gloss to your lips.

6. Apply a dusting of loose shimmer powder on your shoulders, down your arms, and on your decollete.

Special thanks to Eva Scrivo for demonstrating how to apply shimmering holiday makeup. The makeup used in this segment was provided by Estee Lauder, which gave shimmer powder, shadow stick, and glittery lip gloss to our studio audience. Other products used on the show include Estee Lauder's Platinum Illuminator Loose Shimmer Powder and Signature EyeShadow Duo in ginger and citrine.

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