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Martha's Favorite Good Things

The Martha Stewart Show

Here are a few of Martha's all-time favorite Good Things:

Painted Garden Tools
This was the first Good Thing ever from the first issue of Martha Stewart Living. To keep track of hand tools so they don't get lost when you set them down in the garden, simply paint the handles with brightly colored, oil-based enamel paint.

Broken Lightbulb Changer
This Good Thing comes in handy if you accidentally break a lightbulb in a lamp. Just unplug the lamp, then use half a potato to unscrew the broken bulb.

Cookie Mix Hostess Gift
This is a great idea for a hostess gift. Layer all the dry ingredients for your favorite cookies in a mason jar, attach the recipe, and tie with a beautiful bow. On today's show, Martha used half the recipe for Alexis's Chocolate Chip Cookies. It really is a thoughtful gift!

Flavored Ice Cubes Here's a Good Thing if you're the hostess. Serve iced coffee or tea with ice cubes made from the beverage so the drinks don't get watered-down.

Towel Under Cutting Board
This is an idea that keeps you safe while slicing things in the kitchen. Place a towel under your cutting board so it stays put and doesn't slip out from under you.

Cutting Onions by a Flame If you happen to be cutting onions, do so by an open flame. That way, the gaseous sulfur compounds they release into the air will burn off before they reach your eyes and make you cry.

Liquid Soap Dispenser When kept in an attractive glass bottle, dishwashing liquid doesn't have to stay hidden beneath the sink. Decorative bottles and pour spouts are available at housewares stores; vintage bottles work well, too, as long as they are perfectly clean. Simply fill the bottle with dishwashing liquid and top it with the spout. Then buy detergent in quantity and refill the bottle as necessary.

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