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Hanging Wallpaper: Fitting Corners and Trim

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2000


Many beginners are tempted to run a strip of paper to the end of the wall, crease it, continue past the corner onto the next wall, and then hang the next strip alongside it. But paper hung around a corner doesn't stick well and usually begins to pull away from the wall before long. For a neater, durable fit, follow this procedure:

1. Cut the strip so that only 1/2 inch extends beyond the corner. Glue and hang the strip, then trim it again with a single-edge blade, leaving just 1/8 inch of paper beyond the corner.

2. Align the next strip to overlap this 1/8-inch extension.


Windows and Door Trim
Hang the strip that meets one side of a window or door frame so that it overlaps the frame by 2 to 3 inches. Make horizontal cuts at the top and (for a window only) bottom of the frame. Press the paper above the frame flat against the wall. Trim the 2- to 3-inch excess beside the frame with a utility knife, and smooth it down. Smooth the paper below a windowsill, cutting in around any decorative molding. Paper the areas above and below the window or door frame, if necessary, then repeat the previous steps to hang and trim paper on the remaining side of the frame.


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