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Stenciled Eggs

With stencils made of waterproof vinyl adhesive tape and cut-out shapes, you can create perfectly rendered patterns on your Easter eggs.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 13 April/May 1993


Tip: Any color that you cover with tape will remain unchanged throughout the process.


  • Eggs

  • Food coloring

  • Waterproof vinyl adhesive tape and stencils

  • Burnishing tool (available at art-supply stores)

  • Small bowls

  • Paper towel


  1. Start with a white egg or one dyed a pale color. Band the egg twice lengthwise with a 1/4-inch-wide masking tape, repositioning as necessary to get a tight fit. Firmly rub the tape with your fingernail or a burnishing tool so that the dye can't seep underneath.

  2. Dip egg into dye, raising and dipping until the color deepens as desired. Blot egg with a paper towel. Let dry ten minutes. Remove tape.

  3. Band the egg's width with tape at its widest point, then repeat to make smaller circles around each end. (Try alternating wide strips of tape with narrow ones.) Burnish, dye, and dry as before.

  4. Remove tape. If you used a raw egg, carefully blow out contents.

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