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Roasting Fish

Fish can be roasted in the same manner as meat -- uncovered, with no liquid, in a high-temperature oven -- and with similar results: a papery, crisp exterior and tender flesh with concentrated flavors inside.

While it's possible to roast fish fillets, this cooking method lends itself best to whole fish. Stuffing the fish's cleaned cavity with aromatics, like lemon wedges and whole branches of fresh rosemary and thyme, will perfume the flesh more potently than anything you rub on the outside. If you do not have a roasting pan that is as long diagonally as the fish you want to roast, use a rimmed baking pan so that the fish can lie flat, ensuring even cooking.

Our Favorite Roasted Fish Recipes:

Roasted Sea Bass

Whole Roasted Salmon with Orange Butter Glaze

Roasted Whole Snapper with Mango and Fresh Pepper Chutney

Roast Cod with Leeks, Tomatoes, and Spinach


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