"Warrior Yoga," a creation of yoga enthusiast Trudie Styler and her instructor, James D'Silva, is a quick-moving blend of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and flexibility exercises.

While many yoga disciplines hold postures for multiple breaths, warrior yoga moves between positions after only two breaths for a faster-paced, workout-style of yoga.

Including inverted postures that are known to be very antiaging, warrior yoga moves the body in all different directions, bringing oxygen to the muscles to leave you alert and energized. Spinal twists in particular are good for the kidneys.

Trudie encourages beginners to remember that yoga is not a competition. If you cannot do a particular posture, don't risk injury; simply breathe through the position in a relaxed manner and modify the position if possible -- it is important to build up slowly. Be sure to drink lots of water afterward to rehydrate.

Also try: Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Vinyasa yoga


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