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Glittered Leaves in a Box

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2008


Give fall leaves a sparkling touch by adding a bit of glitter.


  • Gathered leaves

  • Flower press or an old magazine and weighty item

  • Wide-tip glue pen

  • Glittering glue with fine-tip applicator

  • Glitter (we used Fire Opal and Brownstone)

  • Small shipping box


  1. Press a leaf to keep edges from curling: Place the leaf in a flower press, or between pages of an old magazine with a weight on top, overnight or longer.

  2. Cover one side of the pressed leaf with glue, using a wide-tip glue pen. Cover with glitter and shake off excess. Allow to dry.

  3. Glitter other side of leaf and allow to dry.

  4. Use glittering glue with a fine-tip applicator to write the year on one side of the leaf. Glitter in a contrasting color.

  5. Fill a small shipping box with gathered leaves. Place the glittered leaf on top, and close box.

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