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Asian Cooking Tools

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2008

Martha has collected many rare and exquisitely crafted cooking tools during her trips to Asia. Hopefully, our descriptions of these essential Asian cooking tools will inspire you to find some for your own kitchen.

Spider Skimmer
One of the most commonly used cooking tools in the Far East, the "spider" skimmer was named for the weblike design of the mesh strainer. It is essential for scooping and serving anything boiled or fried in a pot, such as dumplings or noodles.

Shark-Skin Wasabi Grater and Brush
Made from a wood board and natural shark skin, this grater is similar to the coarsest sandpaper. Grating wasabi against shark skin will quickly turn fresh wasabi rhizomes into a fine paste. The bamboo brush helps to dislodge any particles left in the grater.

Fryer and Strainers
Used to fry and strain tofu, tiny fish such as whitebait, and spinach leaves, this wonderful tool allows you to dip food in hot oil and strain safely.

Tea Infuser
To make tea, put infuser in cup and simply place loose green tea leaves inside the infuser and pour some hot water over the leaves.

Bamboo Brush
The bamboo brush is designed to softly scour your wok. The thin strips of split bamboo are gathered in a knot and should be gently swirled around the wok to clean away food residue under running water.

Uni Opener
Uni is the Japanese name for the edible part of a sea urchin that is often used in sushi and soups. To use the uni opener, place the tip of the opener in the mouth of a sea urchin and pull the handles apart.

Copper Ladles
A small copper ladle can be used for lifting broth; the larger ladle is perfect for lifting water.

Rice Paddle
Shaped like a flattened spoon, rice paddles are ideal for fluffing, mixing, and serving rice.

Japanese Cleaver
The Japanese cleaver is a very sharp cleaver and efficient knife.

Sesame-Seed Toaster
Used to toast seeds on a stove, the top screen of this tool keeps the seeds from flying all over the kitchen when they start to pop.

Wok Spatulas
Perfectly designed for stir-fry, the wooden portion of this spatula prevents the handle from getting too hot.

Wok Ladle
A wok ladle has a deep round bowl that is helpful when serving soups and sauces.

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