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Cheese Knives 101

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008

There are so many cheese knives from which to choose that one can easily become confused about their purpose. This handy primer will tell you everything you need to know to begin using cheese knives with confidence.

Slicers are used to cut thin slices of hard cheeses; when using slicers, be sure to select a cheese that isn't going to crumble.

Knife with Holes
Cheese knives with holes in them areĀ great for sticky cheeses, since they haveĀ less of a defined blade for the cheese to adhere to.

Knife with Spokes on the Tip
Cheese knives with spokes on the top are made for aged cheeses. The spokes are made for chipping away at the cheese, letting it break apart in a natural way to maintain the integrity of flavor.

Universal Knives
Due to their versatile shape, these spoke-tipped utensils are often seen alongside a plate of brie.

Mini Cleaver
Cleavers are good for harder cheeses, since the heft of the cleaver helps cut through aged cheeses with precision.

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