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Petal Masks and Cap

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 1997





  • Scissors

  • Craft glue

  • Plastic mask

  • For the Poppy Mask:

    Fabric roses

  • Fabric (such as velvet)

  • Utility knife

  • Beads

  • Ribbon

  • For the Pink Petal Mask and Cap:

    Vintage paper flower petals

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Thin branch

  • Skull cap

  • Wired paper leaves


  1. For this mask, you will need inexpensive fabric roses, available at crafts stores; disassemble them, then trim the petals to the desired size.

  2. Cut two fabric ovals (we used velvet) slightly bigger than each eyehole. Brush craft glue onto the outside of the mask around each hole, and press the fabric into place on each eyehole.

  3. Turn the mask face down, and use a utility knife to make a horizontal slit all the way across each eye. Cut notches in the top and bottom eye flaps so that you can fold the flaps through the eyeholes; glue them to the back of the mask. 

  4. Brush glue onto the petals, and apply them to the mask so they overlap, using red on one half and hot pink on the other.

  5. Glue colored beads around each eye to resemble a poppy's stamens.

  6. Replace the mask's elastic with long ribbon ties: Slip the ribbons through the holes left from the elastic, securing each ribbon with a knot.

  7. We used vintage paper flower petals for this mask and cap, but new ones can be found at many home-furnishings stores. For the mask, disassemble a paper flower, and begin gluing the petals to the mask; extend the outer petals about an inch beyond the mask; fold the stem-ends of the inner petals through the eyeholes to the back of the mask.

  8. With a hot-glue gun, attach the mask to a thin branch.

  9. To make the petal cap, glue rows of petals to a skullcap (available at bridal-supply stores), starting at the rim and working your way up to the crown, overlapping both the individual petals and the rows. 

  10. Finish the top of the cap by twisting stems of wired paper leaves together in a curlicue.

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