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New England Confectionery Company

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Since 1902, the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) has produced more than 250 billion candy hearts -- sweet confections that have become as ubiquitous as chocolate on Valentine's Day. Today, the hearts are made using a process that has hardly changed over a century, and they still bear the same classic slogans ("Be Mine," "Sweet Talk") as well as a few newer sayings ("You Go Girl," "You Rule").

Between January 1 and February 14, NECCO will mix enough sugar with corn syrup, gelatin, colors, and flavoring to produce 100,000 pounds of candy hearts a day. The same basic flavors have remained unchanged: orange, cherry, banana, lemon, grape, and wintergreen. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company also manufactures NECCO Wafers, Sky Bars, Mary Janes, and Haviland Thin Mints.

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Walter Marshall, Vice president, corporate logistics and planning
The New England Confectionery Company
254 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

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