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Scary Hand Bowl

This Halloween, add a terrifying trick to a bowl of sweet, seasonal treats. As unsuspecting trick-or-treaters ransack the bowl for candy, they'll be greeted by a suitably scary surprise -- a frighteningly lifelike limb grasping for them.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


  • Power drill with 1/2-inch bit

  • Bowl, with pedestal base

  • Standard keyhole saw

  • Rubber dishwashing glove

  • Halloween candy


  1. Using the 1/2-inch bit, drill a hole through the bottom of the bowl, relatively near the center. Using the standard keyhole saw, cut out the entire bottom circle of the bowl, using the hole as the entry point for the saw.

  2. Insert the hand of the rubber dishwashing glove through the hole so it is positioned inside the bowl. Stretch the opening of the glove over the pedestal.

  3. Fill the bowl with candy.

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