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Lilac Maintenance

The Martha Stewart Show, May 2008

To avoid decaying lilacs, maintain the size of the shrub through pruning; you should prune immediately after the plant has finished flowering. A procedure known as rejuvenation pruning is used to maintain lilacs. The process consists of periodic removal of some larger, older stems while promoting growth of younger stems from the base of the plant to maintain size and shape. Prune out any of the cracked or broken stems to allow more light to get to the base of the plant and stimulate new shoot growth.

Care Tips for Lilacs
1. Lilacs do best in direct sunlight in well-drained soil.

2. Fertilize the tree every three to four years using a low-nitrogen formula.

3. Lilacs prefer an evenly moist soil.

4. Older trees should be watered when the top 6 inches of the soil is dry.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Fiskars for sending a variety of pruning supplies to our viewer mail participant.

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