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Tart-Tin Candles with Patricia Heaton

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


These tart-tin candles made in shades of red, brown, yellow, and orange are perfect decorations for fall.

Tools and Materials
Wire core wicks
Needle-nose pliers
Tart tins
Pot of boiling water
Aniline dye candle color

Tart Tin Candles How-To
1. Cut about a three-inch length of wick. Insert the end in the wick holder tab with the prong side facing up. Using needle nose pliers, crimp together the inner prongs of the tab to hold the wick in place. Place the wick in the center of the tin.

2. Melt beeswax in a container set in a pot of boiling water. One pound of wax will fill about five to seven medium-sized tins. Add a pellet of aniline dye candle color. These colors can be mixed together to make different colors and shades.

3. Once the wax is melted, pour a small amount of wax in the bottom of the tin to hold the wick steady. Wait a minute for the wax to harden before filling the rest of the tin. Slowly fill the tin almost to the top, so it doesn’t overflow. Let the candle stand several hours or overnight to harden. The color of the wax will darken as it solidifies.

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