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Power Ball Floor Exercises

According to fitness trainer Lisa Lynn, a weighted power ball provides an especially intense workout because each exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups. Choose a 4- or 10-pound ball, or one that suits your fitness level.

To perform a solo ball toss, lie on your back with the knees bent; the lower back should be on the floor. Toss the ball in the air; try to do this for one to two minutes, or for 50 repetitions.

A sit-up ball toss should also be done lying on the back with the knees bent, but this time, hold the power ball on your chest and do a sit-up. Midway through the upward motion, toss the ball straight up in front of you and catch it. Start with a set of fifteen repetitions and work up to 25.

Ball pullovers are performed by lying on your back with the legs straight. If you have a weak lower back, keep one knee bent. Hold the ball in your hands, keeping your arms straight and parallel. Slowly raise the ball over your head and down to the floor behind you, trying to touch the floor. Start with a set of 15 repetitions and increase the number of pullovers and the weight of the ball. You might also try lying on your side with the arms propping up the upper body. Hold a power ball on each side of your thigh, and perform 30 to 50 lifts for each leg.

The power ball is also an efficient aid to stretching. To stretch the hamstring, sit on the floor with legs stretched flat and feet together. Place the ball on either side of your leg and reach for the ball. Hold the stretch for five breaths. To stretch both the hamstring and the lower back, sit on the floor with your legs in a V and the ball in between your feet. Reach for the ball; hold for five breaths. Finish by standing up and placing your feet together. Hold the ball in your hands so it nears the toes, and maintain the stretch for five breaths.

Lisa Lynn

Fitness trainer



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