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Martha Stewart Living, Volume 118 September 2003

Sometimes a room hardly works when it should be working hard. Fortunately, all it takes are little organizing tricks (a few big ideas, plus a twist or two) to maximize how you use any area.

Think Vertical
The big idea
Instead of piling office essentials on a desk, use a pegboards to create vertical storage that can be customized.

The little twist
Transform everyday items, such an clipboards and plastic pockets, by hanging them on the board.

Convertible Workstation
The big idea
This now-you-see-it, now-you-don't, full-service worktable with plenty of storage deconstructs into two bookcases and a wall hanging. It changes from a nook into an office and back again. Work away, then hang the desktop on the wall from sturdy dowels.

The little twist
Details on the worktable, such as a ruler glued on for easy measuring, make the setup even more user-friendly.

How to do it
You'll need an unfinished hollow-core door the same width as two unfinished bookcases. Sand and paint bookcases; add casters. Use a hole saw to make two 2-inch holes in door for hanging (and for computer and electric cords). Paint door edges; varnish front and back. Slip 2-inch plastic grommets into holes. For hanging, drill 1 3/4-inch holes into a piece of plywood, and glue 1 3/4-inch-diameter dowel pieces in holes so they are flush with plywood back. Nail plywood to wall.

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