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Cornhusk Garland

Dress up your home for Thanksgiving with this craft.

Photography: Anna Williams


  • Garden twine

  • 32-gauge floral wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Tape measure

  • Dried cornhusks (20 per each foot of garland)


  1. Using wire clippers, cut one 5-inch length of floral wire for every cornhusk. Fold cornhusk in half, and tie ends together using a piece of floral wire; leave wire ends loose. (To make brittle husks more pliable, boil water in a teakettle and hold them over the emerging steam for about two seconds before folding.) Repeat with remaining cornhusks.

  2. Measure the space where your garland will hang; add 1 extra foot per every 8 feet of space to measurement. Add another 2 feet (this will serve as loose ends to hang the garland with), and cut a piece of twine to that length.

  3. Starting 1 foot from the end of the twine, secure a husk to the twine with the attached wire. Continue wiring on husks, working your way around the twine and overlapping them for a full appearance, and stopping 1 foot from other end of twine.

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