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Granny Squares: Abbreviations

Martha Stewart Living, November 2000

A multicolor top and a solid-color bottom are stitched together to make a pretty 2 1/4-inch-square pincushion. Between the squares is a smaller felt pillow filled with sand. Use glossy yarn, such as pearl cotton, to add sheen to the squares, and hues that burst outward. Give one to a bridesmaid for her corsage pin, or pack one in a travel sewing kit.

sl st(s) - Slip stitch(es)
ch(s)-Chain stitch(es)
dc(s)-Double crochet(s)
(3dc, ch2, 3dc) -- Stitches in parentheses are combinations worked into the same space.
Repeat from * to* -- Asterisks indicate that you must repeat the instructions between them.

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