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Toadstool Pumpkins

Nestle the toadstools among rocks and trees, and add a jack-o'-lantern and snail. Your yard will be set for Halloween visitors.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2009


No need to worry that these mushrooms are poisonous. They're made from crown pumpkins and butternut, delicata, and carnival squashes.

For recipes using the insides of the squash and pumpkin you scoop out, see ourĀ Squash and Pumpkin Recipes.


  • Variety of pumpkins and winter squashes, both tall and round (available at farmers' markets and Whole Foods)

  • Wooden skewers


  1. Using a saw, cut the top off a round squash for the toadstool's cap. Remove insides with fleshing tool. Insert a skewer into top of a tall squash (the toadstool's stem). Press "cap" squash, cut side down, onto skewer.

  2. Use a long, narrow-necked dark-green squash for the body (we cut off the base for shape). Using scissors, split the stem to create eyes. Using a linoleum cutter, Carve a swirl into the bottom of a small, round pumpkin (we used a 'Baby Boo') to make the shell. Secure "shell" to "body" with a skewer.

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