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Strung Beads

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2005


Making knots between beads keeps them secure if the string breaks, but is optional. Start by unwinding silk cord with a threading needle at one end; double-knot the other end. Dab glue on knot, then slide on a bead tip, covering knot. String beads in your planned pattern, finishing with a second bead tip. (If not making knots between beads, skip to the end of step 4.)

1. To make a knot after the first bead, pull first bead tip and bead flush to the end knot. Wrap the cord around one hand as shown; let other strung beads rest on your work surface so they don't come unstrung.

2. Drop end with first bead through the loop.

3. Insert tweezers into loop; pinch the cord at the bead.

4. Keep cord pinched with tweezers as you let the looped cord come off your hand; gently pull cord to form knot, guiding knot right above bead. (To leave spaces between beads, grasp cord with tweezers where you want the knot, not against a bead.) Continue; tie last knot just before second bead tip. Dab that knot with glue and close bead tips with round-nose pliers. Attach clasps with jump rings.

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