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Garden Ramp

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 41 July/August 1996


 This ramp, covered with chicken wire for traction, makes the going easier.


  1. Decide what size you want the ramp to be, and cut as many boards as you need to the desired length. Lay them next to one another on a flat surface and attach a smaller board as a crosspiece at each end, hammering nails that won't go all the way through the second board.

  2. Lay the panel on a piece of chicken wire large enough to overlap each side.

  3. Secure the edges of the wire to the back of the panel with U-hooks. To use the ramp, rest one end on a wide, low piece of wood to make the ramp flush with the step. In the off-season, the ramp also makes a good doormat for scraping muddy boots.

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