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How to Frame Pressed Leaves

Martha Stewart Living, April 2010

Mounted and tiled together, the enormous pressed leaves of cecropia resemble an over-scale wallpaper pattern. The lovelier side of the leaf -- the luminous back with purple veins -- stands out against rice papers in similar greens. The sheets were arranged on a table, with the foliage laid on top. Then the leaves were sliced along the papers' borders and lightly glued, creating a sense of movement.

How To Build a Plant Press

Use these basic guidelines for all the mounting projects.

Tools and Materials
Rice paper or other acid-free paper (or fabric)
Craft knife
Pressed leaves
Craft glue, such as Elmer's

Prepare PaperĀ 
Trim paper to fit inside frame, using straightedge and craft knife; the frame's backing can serve as a guide.

Arrange Leaves
Working on a table, arrange pressed leaves on paper. If you're using several sheets and leaves that cross from 1 frame into the next, slice leaves at the sheets' borders, using straightedge and craft knife.

Glue Leaves
Squeeze small dots of glue directly from the bottle onto paper (or fabric). Press leaf onto glue; let dry for 20 minutes. Assemble frame (or frames).

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