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Rice Paper Gift Bags

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December December Holiday 2006 2006


These holiday gift bags add a personal touch to every present.


  • Box

  • Rice paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Dresden strip

  • Tissue paper

  • Dresden star, for rosette (optional)

  • Glue gun, for rosette (optional)


  1. Select a box to be the bottom of the bag. Cut rice paper to the circumference of the box plus 3 inches, and the height of finished bag plus 3 inches.

  2. Fold top down 2 inches and glue. With paper right side down, apply glue stick to the bottom 2 inches of the paper and 1 inch along the right side of the paper.

  3. Place box on its side, 1 inch from the bottom of the paper. Wrap paper around box, overlapping and gluing in place.

  4. Fold paper over and glue in place at bottom.

  5. Apply glue stick to the top and bottom of the trim paper; glue in place, with both papers lined up at the bottom.

  6. Glue Dresden strip along top of trim paper.

  7. Cut a rectangle of paper to cover bottom of box.

  8. Place gift inside and cover with tissue paper.

  9. Bring center top of bag together and staple.

  10. Take a 2-inch strip of paper accordion (folded like a fan). Staple in the center.

  11. Spread open and glue the ends together to make a circle. Glue a Dresden star to the center of the rosette. With hot glue, glue rosette to the front of the box.

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