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Glittered "Spider on Box" Ornament

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October October Fall 2007 2007


  • Kitchen matches

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Black art glitter

  • Orange art glitter

  • Chip board or heavy stock card

  • Scalloped scissors

  • Craft glue

  • Book

  • Black craft wire

  • Hot-glue gun

  • 12 inches of fuzzy black yarn

  • Pair of needle-nose pliers

  • Two small sequins

  • Upholstery needle

  • Black thread

  • Paper shred


  1. To start, paint the inner box of an ordinary box of kitchen matches with black acrylic paint. Set aside to dry.

  2. Glue top and sides of slider box. Using orange glitter, cover top and sides of slider box (making sure to glitter all exposed edges). Set aside.

  3. Use scalloped scissors to cut chip board (or heavy stock card) into a rectangle at least 1/8 inch larger than matchbox. Glue and glitter top and cut edges of rectangle using black glitter. Glue bottom of slider to the black base (black glitter side up). Weigh down with heavy book while glue is drying. Dry overnight.

  4. To make spider, cut black craft wire into 4-inch links. Twist wire into shape of cat whiskers using a pair of pliers. Cut approximately 12 inches of fuzzy black yarn. Using glue gun, dab hot glue around center part of spider to secure wire. Touch end of yarn to hot glue and wrap around the wire, shaping the body of the spider. Put another dab of hot glue to secure the end of the yarn.

  5. Shape the legs by using pliers to bend them up from the body and back down halfway the leg. Twist end of legs to suggest a foot.

  6. Glue two small sequins to the body to suggest eyes.

  7. Using upholstery needle, run black thread through the spider from top to bottom, and back up again through the body. Tie a knot on top of the body to secure thread.

  8. Using glue gun, glue body of spider to the top of the glitter box. Tie loop at end of thread for hanging. Fill box and hang on tree.

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