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Springform Pan

Everyday Food, March 2004

With its easy-release design, a springform pan is ideal for baking many of your favorite cakes and tarts.

Why It's So Great
Because it has springs at the side that can be released, a springform pan makes it simple to unmold a cake or tart. Some have waffled bottoms, allowing air to circulate during baking, to keep crusts from getting soggy.

What It's Used For
This pan is highly recommended for sweet and savory cakes or tarts that would be hard to remove from a regular pan -- especially those with a press-in-the-pan crust and soft fillings, such as cheesecakes.

What to Look For
The bottom of the pan should be flat and fit cleanly into the groove in the ring, forming a tight seal; the clasp should be easy to lock and unlock.

How to Maintain
It's best to wash the ring by hand, as it can become misshapen in the dishwasher. For quick cleanup, line the bottom with parchment or wax paper.

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