With little more than chalkboard paint and a sheet of galvanized metal, you can create a multipurpose magnetic chalkboard. Use chalk to write your shopping list, and keep coupons handy using magnetic clips.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Using a utility knife, score a sheet of galvanized metal, and cut it to size.

Step 2

To create a patina on the metal, first rub coarse steel wool across the surface. Then, using a paintbrush, apply an aging solution, such as Modern Masters; let dry. Use the steel wool again to lighten areas that are too dark.

Step 3

Using 2-inch masking tape, mask off a 2-inch border. Prime the metal with a latex primer made specifically for galvanized surfaces (ordinary primer will flake off). After the primer dries, lightly sand the surface.

Step 4

Apply one coat of latex chalkboard paint, and let dry. Sand the painted surface, and repeat with a second coat. Carefully remove tape.

Step 5

Using a hand held drill, drill a hole in each corner of the board. Secure it to the wall using screws or other hanging hardware.

Step 6

To magnetize your eraser and chalk holder, cut pieces of adhesive magnetic sheeting to size, peel off the backing, and stick the pieces to the backs of the eraser and holder.


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