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Red Zinfandel

Everyday Food, Volume 7 November 2003

Grown almost exclusively in California, this full-bodied red is sometimes called "America's heritage grape."

Where Does It Come From?
Besides California, Zinfandel is also produced in other parts of the United States and in Chile, Australia, and South Africa, though in limited quantity.

How Does It Taste?
Depending on the bottle, this bright, sometimes spicy red can taste -- and smell -- like plums, raspberries, or blackberries.

What Foods Does It Go With?
Zinfandel is a perfect accompaniment to Thanksgiving dinner but can also be served with chicken wings, prime rib, sausages, rustic stews, and many cheeses, such as goat.

How Much Does It Cost?
One of the nicest things about red Zinfandel is the price: There are many high-quality bottles in the $10 to $12 range.

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