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Exotic Pet Birds

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 2168

African Grey Parrots
-Indigenous to West Africa.
-Most popular parrots.
-Quiet and not very active; ideal for apartments.
-Have reputation for being best talkers and like to perform for family members.
-Cage and water dish should be cleaned every day with soap and water.
-Cost about $1,200.

Amazon Parrots
-Native to Central and South America.
-The "clowns of the parrot world," they think life is a big party and they are at the center.
-Very good at talking and imitating sounds; talents rivaled only by the African Grey.
-More colorful than African Grey parrots, but they are also noisier.
-Hotheaded and sometimes will lose their temper and bite for no reason.
-Cost about $1,200.

Yellow Crested Cockatoo
-Native to Indonesia.
-Feathers are soft and supple.
-Love to be petted and cuddled. Great for a touchy-feely type of person.
-Cost about $2,000.

-Native to Central and South America.
-Not related to parrots at all; more similar to the woodpecker family.
-Friendly birds; not as emotional as parrots.
-Require a specialized diet of cut-up tropical fruits every day.
-Cost around $2,500.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Marc Morrone.

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