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Center-Drilled Pendant

Photography: Harry Bates

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2005


You can attach a pendant to an ear wire (for an earring) or to a chain using a jump ring. To open a jump ring, use pliers: Hold one end of the jump ring with one pair of pliers; use another pair to gently twist the other end toward you. (Don't widen the circle to form a U shape) Slide the pendant on, then close the jump ring.


  • Head pin

  • Center-drilled bead

  • Round-nose pliers

  • Chain-nose pliers


  1. To make a pendant, insert a head pin into a center-drilled bead. With round-nose pliers (pincers horizontal), grasp wire just above the bead, or higher for longer shanks. Turn pliers so that pincers are stacked vertically, as shown, bending wire 90 degrees.

  2. With your hands, wrap wire over pliers in the other direction, to form half a loop.

  3. Take out pliers and fit loop around bottom pincer. Then bring the wire around to complete the loop. (At this point, attach the pendant to a chain or a closed jump ring: Take loop off pliers and open as you would a jump ring; attach, then close again.)

  4. While firmly holding loop between chain-nose pliers, wrap wire around the shank until you meet the bead. Clip with wire cutters; tuck in end with chain-nose pliers.

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