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Valentine's Day Glittered Greeting Cards

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, February 2007


  • Ink stamp

  • Pigment-based ink

  • Card

  • Glue pen

  • Pen

  • Soft paintbrush


  1. Start with stamp rubber-side up. Ink the stamp by lightly tapping with ink pad. Once the stamp is completely covered, lift it straight up. Hold stamp an inch from your mouth and "huff" on it to remoisten the ink.

  2. Using a ruled cutting mat as a guide, find the center of your card. Stamp the image onto card. Let ink dry.

  3. Highlight details with a fine-tip glue pen. Sprinkle glitter. Let dry.

  4. Sign name in ink color that matches stamps. Brush off excess glitter with a soft paintbrush.

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