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Nutcracker Stocking-Stuffer Ideas

Martha Stewart Kids, Special Issue 2001

The Nutcracker dances may awaken a child's curiosity about sweet delicacies and the countries associated with them. Here are some stocking-stuffer ideas.

Gifts for Girls
1. The Russian dance is one of the ballet's most dramatic; these nesting dolls are a traditional toy in Russia.

2. Sophisticated pates des fruits are a version of the sugarplums celebrated by the Fairy.

3. This tea set is a nod to the ballet's Tea dance; tea essence once flavored confections.

4. Marzipan fruits recall the marzipan dance.

5. A doll named Clara pirouettes through a headband of flowers.

6. Candy canes symbolize the Candy Cane dance.

7. Arabian-like jewels and a Chinese-style pouch evoke the Coffee and Tea dances.

8. Waltzing is more fun with flowers in your hair.

9. A gingersnap honors Mother Ginger, the dancer with children beneath her skirts.

Gifts for Boys
1. Clara's nutcracker mysteriously becomes a soldier and prince.

2. How to get to the Land of Sweets? On a horse, of course.

3. Nothing is as it appears: These chocolates seem to be coffee beans.

4. This chocolate mouse is defeated by being bitten in two.

5. Nuts will test the nutcracker's mettle.

6. Beware: Candy canes might twirl out of a stocking.

7. Tchaikovsky's music is the perfect soundtrack for impromptu performances.

8. If the horse gets tired, this sled will do the job.

9. Inspired by the Hot Chocolate dance, this orange-flavored chocolate is a delicious history lesson: Spaniards introduced both chocolate and Seville oranges to Europe.

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