Typically, a skeleton is one of the most chilling Halloween figures, but our modern version has a sleek, startling beauty.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Slick back hair, and cover head and ears with bald cap.

Step 2

Apply a thin line of spirit gum to skin and inside edge of cap, let dry until tacky, then press into place. Seal edges by brushing with spirit gum diluted with a few drops of alcohol.

Step 3

Apply flesh-toned greasepaint over cap; powder.

Step 4

Soften a small amount of eyebrow plastic between fingers; spread over brow in direction of hair growth. Cover with white cream makeup; blend.

Step 5

With sponge, cover face and head with white makeup. 

Step 6

Powder face and cap.

Step 7

Using black cream makeup and eyeliner brush, line eyes, then outline crease in one eyelid, shaping upward into a triangle above the brow. On other eye, shape triangle down and to the side. Apply mascara. With a fine-tipped brush, paint cracks in skull; blacken triangles around nostrils. Use a brush and black eye shadow to shade hollows of cheeks and temples.

Step 8

Paint teeth outside mouth, starting in center and working outward.


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