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Skull Makeup

Typically, a skeleton is one of the most chilling Halloween figures, but our modern version has a sleek, startling beauty.

Source: Halloween 2000





  • Latex bald cap

  • Spirit gum

  • Alcohol

  • Flesh-toned greasepaint

  • No-color powder

  • Eyebrow plastic

  • White and black cream makeup

  • Foam sponges

  • Makeup brushes

  • Mascara

  • Black eye shadow


  1. Slick back hair, and cover head and ears with bald cap.

  2. Apply a thin line of spirit gum to skin and inside edge of cap, let dry until tacky, then press into place. Seal edges by brushing with spirit gum diluted with a few drops of alcohol.

  3. Apply flesh-toned greasepaint over cap; powder.

  4. Soften a small amount of eyebrow plastic between fingers; spread over brow in direction of hair growth. Cover with white cream makeup; blend.

  5. With sponge, cover face and head with white makeup. 

  6. Powder face and cap.

  7. Using black cream makeup and eyeliner brush, line eyes, then outline crease in one eyelid, shaping upward into a triangle above the brow. On other eye, shape triangle down and to the side. Apply mascara. With a fine-tipped brush, paint cracks in skull; blacken triangles around nostrils. Use a brush and black eye shadow to shade hollows of cheeks and temples.

  8. Paint teeth outside mouth, starting in center and working outward.

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