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Clever Office: Shared Space

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2008


It can be a challenge to create a desk that's roomy enough for one person, let alone two. This symmetrical setup is the perfect solution, unifying a pair of workstations in an open configuration that fits snugly against almost any stretch of wall without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Kitchen cabinets hung overhead are put to creative use, eliminating the need for bulky file cabinets and providing instant access to documents and miscellaneous items. With a simple design that fits seamlessly into this -- or any -- contemporary decor, they also provide discreet storage.

A functional backdrop crafted from alternating panels of bulletin and magnetic board is covered in unifying swaths of aqua linen. The vivid fabric conceals the different materials and stands out from the room's graphic black-and-white color scheme. Magnetic hooks, caddies, and tins provide hanging storage for small items.

Spice jars and bowls, whether vintage or modern, stash pushpins, stamps, and other odds and ends, keeping the narrow desktop relatively free of clutter.

A metal rolling cart, stowed between the desks, serves as a portable, versatile workstation. It can be dedicated to any of several household projects, such as gift wrapping. A cutting board with a grid tops the cart, and frequently used tools hang from a magnetic towel rack. Ribbon and other delicate supplies are housed in magnetic boxes, which won't slip or slide. Wine racks secure tubes of wrapping paper. Flat paper is organized by color in clear portfolios to ensure that the sheets remain wrinkle free.

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