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Basic Crepe Paper Cap

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 1998


The cap is made from a double thickness of crepe; the second layer adds durability and helps the cap retain its shape.


  1. Cut a strip of crepe 1 1/2 inches longer than the circumference of the wearer's head and double the height you want the cap to be (our cap is 10 inches tall, so we measured the crepe to 20 inches high). The grain of the crepe should run along the height of the cap.

  2. Fold crepe in half lengthwise; the folded edge will wrap around the wearer's head, forming the bottom of the cap. Sew ends together by hand or on the sewing machine, forming a vertical seam to be worn at the back of the head. Trim seam allowance.

  3. Gather the top edge of the cap, either by hand or with a hand-basting stitch that you then pull to gather. Secure the gathered top by binding it with several wraps of floral tape, so it resembles a stem.

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