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Holiday Carnation Wreath

Step aside, holly and mistletoe -- or at least make room for something new. The carnation is a surprisingly elegant and easygoing choice for holiday displays. This wreath of white flowers with burgundy-tipped edges offers a warm welcome.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 133 December 2004


  • 12-inch floral-foam wreath forms with plastic backing (12-inch for wreath)

  • Floral shears or scissors

  • Conditioned carnations, about 7 dozen

  • Glass ornaments with wire

  • Nails

  • 2 yards ribbon


  1. Immerse form in water for 20 minutes; let drain. Cut conditioned stems at an angle, 2 to 3 inches from the head. Push stems into foam, starting on top, and then the sides, spacing evenly and clustering together. Push ornaments in, if using.

  2. To put a wreath on the wall, first hang it from a nail. (There should be a place for a nail on the back of the wreath form) Then add a decorative ribbon: Tie the ribbon into a bow, leaving 4 long tails. Hang the bow from a nail above the wreath, and tuck 2 tails behind wreath so the ribbon appears to be supporting the wreath.

  3. To keep the flowers fresh, remove a wreath from its display every three days and soak in water for three minutes; let drain, and dry the plastic back with a towel before rehanging on the door.

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