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The Best Chocolate Desserts

Martha Stewart Living, April 2010

Every chocolate lover has a recipe box filled with variations on cookies, brownies, and cakes. The three on these pages can be filed under "Best in Chocolate." Made again and again by our staffers, they are the foolproof recipes you'll be thrilled to have on hand whenever a chocolate craving strikes.

Celebration Made Simple
Birthday? Anniversary? Going-away party? This super-easy, one-bowl layer cake is the perfect dessert for any gathering of chocolate buffs.

Get the One-Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe

Everybody's Favorite
Cookie people take sides. You're either a soft-and-chewy fan or a lover of thin and crisp. But everyone goes for these chocolate chip treats. They're soft in the middle, slightly crunchy at the edges, and extra-big.

Get the Crisp and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Deep, Dark, and Decadent
A double dose of chocolate -- bittersweet and cocoa powder -- makes these brownies the most satisfying around. The thin crust gives way to a rich, fudgy interior.

Get the Double-Chocolate Brownies Recipe

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