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Yoga Dos and Don'ts

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2010

Are you thinking of joining the approximately 17 million people in the United States who practice some type of yoga?

Follow these simple tips from Sophie Herbert, East Yoga and Park Slope Yoga Center instructor; James Murphy, Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York director; Eddie Stern, Ashtanga Yoga New York and Sri Ganesha Temple director; and Trudie Styler, "Warrior Yoga" expert, for a successful experience:

  • Don't eat right before you come to class.

  • Be on time, if not early.

  • Turn off your cell phone. This seems so obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people forget.

  • Wear clothes that allow the teacher to easily see your body. Shorts and a T-shirt are fine, but nothing too baggy.

  • Don't drink water during class.

  • Be patient. Don't force the body, but don't be afraid to enjoy the physicality of yoga.

  • Don't get overly attached to one area of the body. Treat all poses equally and practice them equally.

  • Yoga texts say that there are six things that provide success in a practice: enthusiasm, perseverance, courage, interest in seeking the truth, trust in the words of your teacher, and avoiding the company of negative people, or those that do not support your practice.

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