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Pierced Openwork Pumpkins

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2006


Delicate openwork, inspired by eighteenth-century English pierced creamware, turns these pale 'Lumina' pumpkins into ornate decorations. A little patience is all that's required to mimic the lacy designs.


  • Pumpkin or squash

  • Wood-carving gouges or brass tubing

  • Masking tape


  1. Select a pumpkin or squash, such as 'Lumina,' spaghetti squash, or 'Blue Ballet.'

  2. Assemble your tools. Hardware and art-supply stores sell wood-carving gouges; think about the perforation each tool makes, and choose accordingly. (Alternatively, use a short length of brass tubing from a jewelry-supply store, and bend it in at sides to form desired shape.)

  3. Cut an opening at bottom of pumpkin; scoop out the flesh. Run masking tape around circumference of pumpkin. Start cutting, using tape as a guide. The going will get easier once you've circled your gourd with a pattern -- keep following it, adding more cuts.

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