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9 Contemporary, Colorful, and Chic Easter Baskets

This Easter, don't just stuff a basket full of store-bought candy and call it a day. Easter baskets can be quite sophisticated if you approach them with a designer's eye. Here are some stunning presentations to try.

Martha Stewart Living, April 2006

If Easter were a color, it would be as varied and vibrant as spring itself. New-grass green, robin's egg blue, bunny-nose pink -- they're all part of the patchwork of April, along with the bright sun and azure sky, verdant clusters of clover in a meadow, and furry brown critters who've reawakened after a long winter nap. Here are a collection of Easter basket projects that would rival even the most vivid of rainbows. They make excellent gifts and wonderful centerpieces. So why not treat yourself to one?

Clover and Eggs Basket

This fanciful green meadow vignette seems a fitting home for a chocolate bunny. His eyes (dabs of tinted royal icing) and bow-tie (ribbon with a glued-on rosette) match his surroundings.

Glittered Floral Egg Basket

The eggs are made of sturdy cardboard, which we painted shades of blue and covered in glass glitter (you could also decorate blown-out eggs in the same way). Then we added silk and paper flowers and leaves.


Felted Egg Basket

Going on the same not-real-egg tip, may we recommened this basket filled with fuzzy eggs? The downy softness of baby chicks is incredibly appealing, and you can replicate that inviting texture with wool roving: Use it to cover Styrofoam eggs in a variety of colors.

African Violets Basket

This basket certainly is pretty in pink. Because you are using potted plants, you can discard the eggs after a while and enjoy the rest of the display for months.

Metallic Polka-Dotted Eggs Basket

This dramatic scene sets a new silver standard for Easter. There are whimsically polka-dotted and beribboned silver blown-out eggs, filigreed sterling silver "baskets," and, of course, dapper chocolate bunnies -- here, white chocolate, tied with ribbons to match the dots. 

Spring Bulbs Basket

Here we celebrate purple and honor the early springtime landscape by bringing it inside -- and turning the mantel into a garden path.


Basket of Bulbs

Set inside a rustic boat-shaped birch basket, this cheerful yellow hilltop vista is a breath of fresh air. You can practically hear the chicks peeping and feel the warm sunshine on your face. 


Chocolate Bunnies and Pansies Basket

When you're in the room with this extravagant brown basket, every fragrant breath is like a moment in a chocolate shop. Set out at an Easter party, it would make a wonderful centerpiece -- then dessert. And what a gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Crepe Paper Carrot Basket

When it comes to Easter, sometimes, it's fun to think outside the bunny. For example, what do silly rabbits love to eat? Create an entire basket filled with the vibrant vegetable. It'll definitely add a pop of color to any table.

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