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Metallic Polka-Dotted Eggs

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2006


This dramatic scene sets a new silver standard for Easter. There are whimsically polka-dotted and beribboned silver blown-out eggs, filigreed sterling silver "baskets," and, of course, dapper chocolate bunnies -- here, white chocolate, tied with ribbons to match the dots. 


These eggs are decorated using dye, spray paint, and a few snips of ribbon. They're tucked into a bed of silver-plated tinsel, called lametta, more commonly seen at Christmastime. We mixed in a few solid-silver-painted eggs to break up the dots.



  • Raw eggs

  • Utility knife, available from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels

  • Paper clip

  • Rubber ear syringe, available at drugstores, or egg blower, available at craft-supply stores

  • Egg dye or food coloring

  • Metallic spray paint (No. 6981120), by Krylon, from

  • 4 millimeter silk ribbon in various colors (No. 30622419), by YLI, from

  • Similar ribbon rosettes (No. 20453), from

  • Different-size hole punches, available from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels


  1. First, blow out and dye eggs in a variety of colors. The color of the dye will be the color of the polka dots. You'll also need adhesive vinyl letters, silver spray paint, and ribbon rosettes, which can be found at specialty trimmings stores. 

  2. Using different-size hole punches, make dots from adhesive vinyl letters. After the eggs have dried, adhere dots in an evenly spaced pattern over eggshells.

  3. With eggs still on drying board, spray with silver paint. Let dry 15 to 20 minutes, and then flip the eggs over to spray the other sides. Let dry again. Peel off the dots.

  4. Using all-purpose glue, attach 1/8-inch silk ribbon around eggs, and adorn with ribbon rosettes.

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