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Halloween Lollipop Packaging

Source: Halloween 2000


Give trick-or-treaters a spooky surprise with these special candy wrappers. The round heads of lollipops are anatomically suited to three of the best-loved Halloween symbols: the pumpkin, the ghost, and the spider. Display lollipops on a peg board spray-painted orange, and give trick-or-treaters their choice.


  • Lollipops

  • For pumpkin: Orange crepe paper

  • For ghost: White crepe pape

  • For spider: Black crepe paper

  • For spider: Pipe cleaners

  • Scissors


  1. Cut two circles of orange crepe paper 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Put one on top of the other, and poke the stick end of a lollipop through the centers of the circles.

  2. Pull the papers up to the neck of the round candy, and twist them over the top.To make the stem, trim the excess paper, and seal the pumpkin with green floral tape, making curly foliage by wrapping tape around a pen and sliding the pen out.

  3. Cut two circles (6 inches in diameter) from white crepe paper. Align them. Place the ball of a lollipop in the middle, and bring the white paper over it, tying the loose paper with a string at the neck.

  4. Using the same dimensions as the pumpkin's, cut two sheets of black crepe paper to make the spiders.

  5. Align them, and place the lollipop candy in the center, pulling the paper down around it to the neck. Seal it with one circle of transparent tape. Trim excess paper.

  6. Take a pipe cleaner (9 inches in length), and twist it once around the base to make two legs.

  7. Repeat with more pipe cleaners for additional legs. Bend pipe cleaners about an inch from the spider's body to make legs; at the bottom, turn up the ends of the pipe cleaners to make feet.

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