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Napkin Folding: Four Feathers

Martha Stewart Living, November 2001

Tall folds are a clever way to make a crowded table seem less so. This shape is a bit challenging, but patience and a hot iron will help. Be sure to press all folds as you go. If the napkin has a wrong side, start with that side facing up.

Before creating the feather points, you need to make preparation folds in the napkin (not shown).

First fold it in half diagonally; unfold. Repeat on the opposite diagonal; unfold. Now flip the napkin, and fold it in half to make a rectangle. Unfold. Fold the opposite way, and unfold. You will have four creases in total.

Now grasp two adjacent corners of the napkin, and pinch each into a point. Bring your thumbs together, joining the two points; allow the napkin to fold naturally along the creases you've made. This will create a new diagonal fold from the point in your hand to the center of the napkin. Repeat with the other side. Your napkin is now an exterior triangle covering two interior triangles -- four layers of napkin.

Four Feathers How-To
1. Holding the right angle of the triangle with your left hand, bring the top pointed fold a bit to the right, as shown, to make a feather point.

2. Still holding the bottom left point, bring the top layer of the bottom right points up to lie adjacent to the two existing feather points.

3. Repeat with the last point.

4. Turn the napkin over. Bring the left edge over to meet the right edge, making a point at the bottom. Fold the bottom point under, and place the napkin upright in a glass.

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