Through the years, Halloween has inspired charming verses for greeting cards and invitations.

Use one of these poems in your Fright Night cards or party invitations, filling in your name, party address, and the time all spirits must rise to the occasion.

Festively Chilling Words for Invitations

Will you join us on the Eve

When Jack-o'-lanterns flare?

Ghosts and witches all insist

That you be there!

Meet me on Halloween.

If on a broomstick you can't fly

Some other way of traveling try.

But come you must, at ___ o'clock

To _________________ Street

If you want to be you

and yet not you,

Dress in a costume old or new,

Many others I plan to ask

So wear a wig or at least a mask.

Come at ______ and don't be late,

The rest of the time, we'll leave to fate!

If to a spooky party you

would really like to go,

On Halloween then hasten to

the place described below.

At the request of ______,

a ghost will meet you at the

corner of ______ and _______

on October 31st at ______.

Sayings for Halloween Cards

This Halloween

I'd like to brew

A thrilling, chilling

Scare for you

Three little ghostesses

Sitting on postesses,

Eating buttered toastesses,

Greasing their fistesses,

Up to their wristesses,

Oh, what beastesses

To make such feastesses!

-- Anonymous

Wailed a ghost in a graveyard at Kew,

"Oh, my friends are so fleeting and few,

For it's gravely apparent

That if you're transparent

There is no one who knows if it's you!

-- Myra Cohn Livingston

If you take a carrot on Halloween night,

And, holding it over a candlelight,

Pinch your left ear, take off your left shoe,

This will mean good fortune to you.

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