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Beer Glossary

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2008

Use this handy glossary to properly match beer with food.

Broad-Style International Lagers
Light and appealing to the masses; goes with any type of food. Examples: Heinekin, Stella Artois, Amstel.

Amber Lagers
Light and a bit fuller-bodied; goes well with heartier foods such as pizza and burgers. Examples: Brooklyn Lager, Dos Equis, Sam Adams Lager, Bluepoint.

American-Style Pale Ale
Bold, hoppy, bitter, strong, and flavorful; goes best with spicy foods such as chili or hot wings. Examples: Sierra Nevada.

Dark Stout
Dark taste, on the burnt side; goes well with oysters, hearty stews or chili. Examples: Guinness.

Special Thanks
Thanks to Sam Merritt, Civilization of Beer president, for sharing this helpful information.

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